Dustin Duren Kidnapping The Berlin Tragedy: A Deep Dive into the Amber Alert and Subsequent Arrest

Late into an otherwise peaceful evening in Berlin, New Hampshire was abruptly disrupted when law enforcement responded to an apartment on Main Street at approximately 10:30 PM where they found 31-year-old Caitlyn Naffziger dead from apparent hanging. While details surrounding their visit remain under investigation, what followed in subsequent hours gripped both local community members and beyond.

How Did an Amber Alert Progress?

Following Naffziger’s tragic discovery, authorities promptly issued an Amber Alert for both of his daughters aged 1 and 4, who had gone missing since leaving New England earlier that day. This widespread alert mobilized communities throughout New England in their search efforts; one key piece of information included an image showing a 2017 white Subaru Impreza with veteran tags which provided crucial clues that lead authorities on an intense nationwide hunt for missing children.

Where Were They Found?

Miraculously, Amber Alert proved its worth once more when two young girls who had gone missing were discovered safe less than 12 hours after an alert had been issued by a citizen who recognized a vehicle described in it – providing immense relief to everyone involved in following this case closely.

Dustin Duren, 37, father to both daughters was detained without incident at the scene where Caitlyn Naffziger died; authorities allege he shot her multiple times before finally turning herself over for questioning by authorities. Details surrounding what led up to this tragic event remain hazy as investigators gather more details.

How Did Authorities Respond?

In response to both an Amber Alert and murder investigation, various law enforcement agencies demonstrated their efficiency and cooperation. Video footage captured by witnesses depicted Duren being apprehended by police with weapons drawn before complying with their commands; swift actions by law enforcement following up tips from community members underscored how important their advice can be when responding in critical moments.

What Do We Know about the Investigation?

Both state police major crime van and Berlin police cruisers could be seen outside Naffziger’s Main Street apartment well into the following day, signalling its ongoing nature and adding further tragedy. Autopsy results revealed he died from one gunshot wound to his head – another tragic turn of events for which authorities continue to gather evidence and testimonies as they try to unravel exactly how this tragedy came to occur.

How Is the Community Reacting?

Community members’ reactions have ranged from shock, sadness and solidarity as witnesses and locals expressed their condolences and expressed worry for two young girls now safe but undoubtedly affected by what took place. We were reminded of peace’s fragility as well as of its necessity during times of crises.

What Comes Next?

Dustin Duren will appear for virtual arraignment where charges for Caitlyn Naffziger’s murder will be heard against him. While legal proceedings progress, numerous questions still remain unanswered as law enforcement continue their probe to ascertain not only motive, but also any details leading up to when Amber Alert was issued and other aspects related to it. While community members welcome back both girls to safety, they still desire justice for Caitlyn and hope this distressful chapter comes to a swift close as quickly as possible.


The events in Berlin have demonstrated again the value of Amber Alerts in recovering missing children quickly and safely, and how communities play an instrumental role in supporting law enforcement during times of trouble. Through constant vigilance and cooperation between all involved, we hope justice will eventually be served for Caitlyn Naffziger to bring peace both for her family and for our wider society.

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